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Ready to update the spaces in your house to make them feel more like home? Let us be your trusted licensed contractor to be with you every step of the way from design planning, budgeting, remodeling and finishing touches. We’re local to Riverview, FL, and offer services to the Tampa Bay area. We specialize in projects ranging from as small as creating feature walls or backsplashes, to full home renovations.

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Not so local to Tampa, FL?

Customized Project Tutorials

Even if you’re not local we’re still here to help! If you’re a DIYer who just needs a little guidance on what to buy and how to use it, we offer complete and fully customized tutorials and estimation packages. Whether your inspiration comes from our blog posts or your own unique vision we’re here to help.

You provide your project’s measurements and concept, for a small fee we’ll provide a full material list, step-by-step instructions, expert advice, and we’ll be a phone call away to help with any issues.

Check Out Our Work

Tongue & Groove Ceiling

We installed a toungue and groove blue stain wood and a new light fixture on this covered lanai.

Bedroom Renovation

We did a complete bedroom renovation with a chevron wall, new laminate flooring, new furniture and design elements.

Ultimate Playroom

We added a rockwall, ladder, climbing rope, and swiming chair to this toddler’s playroom.

The latest on the blog:

must have tools

Top 12 Must Have Tools for DIY

This list of must have tools is not for your average home owner, but rather the homeowner that’s ready to tackle those DIY projects and turn their house into a home. These are the must have tools for DIY that are not only useful, but make the…
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Homemade Pizza Dough

Prep Time: 45 – 75 minsCook Time: 15-20 mins Yields: 1 medium pizza and a dozen rolls, or 2 small pizzas   Jump to the recipe » Check out this recipe for the best (and easiest) homemade pizza dough. It’s perfect for a fun make-your-own-pizza night at home, or…

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DIY Growth Chart Ruler

Instructions for how to make a DIY growth chart ruler. This project looks like a giant wooden ruler to easily mark and track your child’s height.
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Banana Bread

Banana Bread Without Eggs or Dairy

This banana bread recipe is dairy and egg free due to our son’s allergies, but it’s also perfect if you just don’t have those ingredients on hand. It has a delicious banana flavor with a soft inside and crispy crust.
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Stain on a wood desktop

Quick Paint and Stain Finish on a Wood Desk

When we built our wood desk we knew it would need a paint and stain finish for a professional look. We decided to stain the shelves and desktop since the wood grain was too beautiful to cover up, and we painted the legs with a solid color….

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Easy DIY Wood Desk for less than $100

The time is COVID-19 pandemic. I was already working from home in our home office, but Steven found out he’d soon be working from home too. We’ve never dealt with needing an additional home office before! What’s a DIY-er to do? Build an easy DIY wood desk!…

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Sliced cookie cake

Dairy & Soy Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Chocolate chip cookies from scratch are what I consider my BEST baked good. They’re always a hit and I’ve been using the same recipe that I’ve perfected over the years for as long as I can remember. I had to find a new twist for it this…

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